Help with payday loan debt -Be sure to Request a payday loan debt settlement

Be sure to Request a payday loan debt settlement now

In principle, a WNSP process takes three years from the WSNP ruling. You have the necessary duties during this period. If you do not comply with this, the court can terminate the debt restructuring without you getting the clean slate. Your debts are then due and payable by your creditors. Push Button For… a payday loan debt settlement.

You have the following obligations:

No new debts
You cannot make new debts. Think of rent arrears. You may also not be read on your bank account or incur a delay in the payment to the estate account.

Work or apply
When you have a job you must do your best to keep it. If you have no work, you are required to apply. You must work at least 36 hours a week (or do everything to find a 36-hour job), even if you have young children. You must forward proof of your applications to me. 

If you are unable to work (in full) due to illness, you may be exempted from the obligation to apply. The judge decides on this. You must then provide documentary evidence of this, for example, a statement from a specialist.

To inform
You must keep me informed of all changes in your living, living and income situation. For example, if you start living together, divorce or receive an inheritance. You often need permission from the court to relocate.

Pay off
We calculate a ‘release amount’ for you, this is the amount that you are allowed to keep each month to pay the fixed costs (rent, water, energy, insurance, household money, etc.). The amount that remains must be transferred to the estate account that has been opened for you. If you have an income that is lower than your ‘amount to be released’, you do not have to pay either.

The balance on the estate account is intended to pay the creditors and the administrator at the end of your debt settlement.

Post block
During the first 13 months of the Wsnp, there will be a post block at your address. All your mail delivered through PostNL arrives at us, is opened, read and then forwarded to you. We do this once a week, on Thursdays. We will immediately send important documents or send you an e-mail about this.

If you comply with the above obligations, you will receive a ‘clean sheet’ from the court. The clean slate means that creditors can no longer reclaim their (remaining) money.

If you have saved enough during the WSNP to repay all debts, the court can stop the process. This can also be earlier than after three years.

You may also receive financial support from a third party. In that case, you can offer the creditors an agreement. Sometimes they agree with this. If the court approves this agreement, it will stop the Wsnp process. Then you will continue to implement the agreement.

If you have not complied with the obligations, the court may terminate the Wsnp prematurely. The amount that you have saved up to that time will then go to the administrator and the creditors. At that time, the creditors can reclaim remaining debts, for example by seizing your wages, benefits or things.

Free Holds 0 PLN

Credit Easier is a well-known loan brand specializing in providing payday loans. A novelty in the company’s offer are free 0 zloty breaks available for new customers.

The Easy Loan brand has been featured on the blogs more than once. The company makes it possible to obtain a payday of up to PLN 1,500 for new ones and up to PLN 3,000 for regular customers. A novelty in the company’s offer are free 0 zloty breaks, for people interested in getting the first loan in the company.

Easy Loan is an offer addressed to those people who want to quickly get not much cash, without leaving the house completely. The company can lend us money for any purpose, no matter where we are currently located, because all the formalities are carried out via the Internet.

Up to PLN 1,500 as part of a free weekend

Up to PLN 1,500 as part of a free weekend


Promotion The first loan of up to PLN 1,500 from APRC 0% is addressed to people who have never had the opportunity to use Easy Credit services. When applying for the first loan in the company, we can get a loan of up to PLN 1500 for a period of 30 days. The main condition that we should fulfill in order for the loan to remain fully free and does not have any additional costs, is to repay the entire loaned amount within the set time limit.

How do I get a free loan in Credit Easier?

How do I get a free loan in Credit Easier?


The basic condition that we should meet to get a loan in a company is over 20 years. The possession of a bank account and an active telephone will also be necessary to obtain a payday at the company. A person applying for a loan should also have a positive credit history in BIG Infomonitor databases. It is worth adding that in order to obtain a loan, the company does not require any verification fees. What’s more, through the Credit Easier company, we can also get a loan for the Giro check , which we discussed in more detail in a separate article. It enables direct collection of a loan at any branch of Polygarp or the Bank.

Low-interest loans: how to choose the personal loan with the lowest interest rate – Online Loans 24

On this page we will provide you with a simple and very useful guide to identify loans at low rates and therefore cheaper. Let’s see what advice to follow to choose the personal loan with the lowest interest rate, so as not to save a little on the total cost of the loan.

Low-interest loans: how to choose the most convenient personal loan

If you are looking for funding for the implementation of any project, surely your goal is to identify low-interest loans. The rate of interest is in fact what determines the cost of your personal loan. The lower the percentage of interests, the lower the annual cost of our financing will be. Currently, the number of banks and financial institutions offering loans is very high, and therefore new financing offers are being studied continuously. How can we find the loan at a low rate, which is the most convenient financing among those offered to us? The main advice to get the personal loan with the lowest interest rate is certainly to stay up to date on new offers available.

This advice will seem rather trivial, but it is the easiest way to avoid missing out on very convenient loan options. Very often, banks and financial companies such as Astrofinance, Ultranix, Onecredit, Cleopar, InDirect and not only publish on their website promotions valid only for a few days. For this reason, we recommend that you visit the websites of different lenders periodically, because you will be able to find the low-interest loans you are looking for. The offers on financing are published throughout the year, but in particular they can be found in correspondence with particular periods. For example, in summer, offers are available for those who want to organize a beach holiday, but low-interest loans are published every year, also for Christmas, Easter and for many years also for Black Friday and beyond.

Another very useful advice to get the loan at the lower interest rate is to look for financing options that reflect our needs. For example, if you are interested in buying a car, then instead of applying for a personal loan with a generic purpose, you can save something by choosing a car loan. The same applies for example to the renovation of the house, since products reserved exclusively for this purpose are often available, as well as financing options are available for all the needs that may be had. To choose the best financing among low-interest personal loans, it is first of all necessary to identify those for which we meet the requisite requirements and which at the same time satisfy our needs. In addition to the interest rate, it is necessary to observe the repayment installment, which must be within our reach and must not over-modify the monthly budget at our disposal. Finally, to choose the most convenient personal loan, it is not enough to look at the interest rate but also the duration. It must be remembered that the Tan and the Taeg are annual rates, which means that given two loans with the same rate of interest must choose the one with a shorter duration to save on interest.

Loans with the lowest interest rate: how to identify them thanks to free online estimates

Loans with the lowest interest rate: how to identify them thanks to free online estimates

The best thing to do to put into practice the advice that we have reported in the previous paragraphs is to request a quote from various banks and financial institutions. By now all the major lenders offer their customers the possibility to use the online simulator. This tool is very useful as it allows you to calculate quotes in a few simple clicks completely free. It should be noted that the monthly repayment installments and the interest rates calculated in this way are only estimates of the parameters that will characterize our future financing. The economic treatment received depends on the characteristics of the customer such as age and economic situation, which are not required at the time of the simulation. In any case, the online estimate is very useful to have an immediate estimate that allows us to compare the personal loans offered by different companies, in order to identify the most convenient solution based on the applied interest rates.

The calculation of the online estimate is very simple and immediate. To use the online simulator of the main banks and financial companies, simply connect to the company’s website. In most cases no registration is required and therefore you can proceed as anonymous users. The only data to be entered will be the desired amount and the purpose of the loan. Usually you can choose the project to be implemented from a drop-down menu where all the expenses that can be faced are present. Finally you can choose to insure our loan by paying an insurance premium. If you are looking for low-interest loans and want to save as much as possible on your financing, then you can avoid facing this additional expense. In case you decide to pay the insurance premium the interest rates will obviously be higher (the Taeg includes all the expenses related to the loan including the insurance) but with the advantage of being protected in case of events such as illness, death or loss of job.

Once you have entered all the information, just press the button to calculate the installment. In a few seconds you will be presented all the personal loan solutions that meet your requests. The options differ for the duration chosen. Depending on the expected monthly payment you can orient yourself towards the ideal duration. The installment must not be too high to avoid being in difficulty in payments. At the same time, to fix a low rate, it is necessary to extend the duration, which means that you will pay higher interest rates. For this reason it is necessary to balance the two to find the ideal duration. Using the online simulator on the websites of the various banks and financial institutions you can easily compare the conditions of personal loans offered, so as to identify the one with the lowest interest rate. If you would like to receive a more detailed cost estimate, then we advise you to go to banks that provide loans at the lowest rates to discuss your situation with a consultant of the company. The latter will be able to present you the most convenient proposal and by comparing the proposals you can choose the personal loan with the lowest absolute interest rate.



Loan with Guarantor: the best payday loans without paychecks and online finance

On this page you will find all the useful information regarding the loan with guarantor. Let’s see what are the best personal loans that can be requested even without a paycheck thanks to the signature of a guarantor. Finally, online funding also for unemployed and bad payers: how to make the request.

Loan with Guarantor: why choose this loan and who it is addressed to

Loan with Guarantor: why choose this loan and who it is addressed to


If you are looking for a personal loan you will have noticed the many opportunities that the various lenders offer to their customers. The first parameter to be taken into consideration to choose the ideal financing is in any case that of the required requisites. The choice of the best loan must be made among those to which we can have access. Precisely this is why it is good to analyze in detail the loans with guarantor, which represent a particular form of personal loan aimed at a rather large clientele. Let’s see why they can be the ideal solution for many.

The main requirement that all banks and financial institutions require in order to apply for funding is to receive a demonstrable income. In this sense the income document that can always be presented and which will allow us to access any personal loan will be the payroll for employees or the pension card for pensioners. In fact, we are talking about monthly income insured each month, from which the monthly repayment installment can be deducted from time to time. What to do if you are without a paycheck? In this case the self-employed can submit the tax return for the last year. Often this guarantee allows the customer to make the request, but not always the earnings are sufficient to receive the financing to which we are interested.

How to get a personal loan if you are unemployed or if our request by tax return is rejected ? In this case the best solution is that of the loan with guarantor. This is a personal loan for all purposes, which is aimed in particular at those who do not have the necessary guarantees to submit the request. In this case, what will allow the customer to access the desired financing will be the presentation of a guarantor. Who is the guarantor? It can be any person we know, so be a relative or a friend even without family ties. The only indispensable thing is that the guarantor has a demonstrable income, which can also be the salary of an employee or a pension in this case. On the basis of what has just been said, it is immediately clear how the loan with guarantor is absolutely the best solution for all those who are without a paycheck and need funding.

The alternative to the loan with guarantor could in fact be that of the mortgage loan. Even in the latter case the unemployed could access the desired loan through the mortgage of a property owned. However, the risk is greater, given that in the event of non-payment the bank may sell the applicant’s house at auction. The loan with guarantor is instead the ideal solution for example for a young person who wants to start a project for which he needs an initial investment. In this case a parent can act as a guarantor and allow their child to access the desired loan. The same applies for example to a housewife who can be directly beneficiary of the loan while being without income but presenting the signature of a guarantor. So in all cases where the applicant does not have the necessary guarantees to access the financing he needs, it may be useful to choose a personal loan with guarantor, which will allow you to obtain the desired amount without any problem. What happens if the loan recipient is unable to complete the repayment? The unpaid monthly installments will be debited to the current account payable to the guarantor.

Personal loans without paychecks: what are the best and features

Personal loans without paychecks: what are the best and features

After seeing why the loan with guarantor may be the right choice, let’s take a look at the best solutions currently available on the financing market. It should be stressed in this regard that often the loan with guarantor is not a loan solution that is reported among the products offered by the main companies. This is because, as we have already said, it is in effect a personal loan, from which it inherits all the characteristics and economic conditions of the loan. In practice it is as if the request was our guarantor. The difference is that the beneficiary is not the one making the request by presenting the guarantees but another person, who can receive the desired amount of money thanks to a relative or a friend. Let’s see what are the lenders that offer the best personal loans with the ability to make the request through the presentation of a guarantor.

strofinance Personal Loans with Guarantor

Among the best credit institutions to which you can apply for a personal loan with guarantor is certainly strofinance. By visiting the company’s website it is possible to know all the features of the loans offered. Among these stands out the amount that can be requested, definitely high compared to that usually set by other banks. With strofinance personal loans, you can request up to 60,000 euros. To present the request it is necessary that the applicant is aged between 18 and 75 years, and that he is resident in Italy. In the case of a loan with guarantor, the latter must also comply with the requirements specified in the strofinance regulations. It is also important to specify that you do not need to be a customer of the financial institution in order to access the desired loan. In fact, it will be enough to hold a current account, even with a different company. The same account will include both the credit of the amount and the debit of the monthly repayment installments that will be fixed at the time of the request.

The loan with strofinance guarantor can be required to carry out any project. Among the reasons why it is one of the best products in circulation there is certainly convenience. From time to time on the homepage of the site are presented offers available for some periods. The currently available offer is presented to us via an example of an estimate. The request considered is for a loan of 15,000 euros for a period of 96 months. In this case the monthly payment will be 199 euros, with fixed interest rates Tan 6.25% and Taeg 6.43%. In case you are interested in an amount different from the one considered, you can still use the online loans simulator. All you have to do is specify the project you want to make and the amount of money you need. By clicking on ” Calculate Loan ” you will be able to compare all the strofinance loan offers at a glance which you can access by submitting a guarantor.

Financing Ultranix: how to receive a fast loan without a paycheck

Another credit institution offering personal loans with guarantor among the best in circulation is Ultranix. As specified on the website of the company in this case the amount can be claimed up to 30,000 euros, which can be repaid with a repayment plan with a minimum duration of 12 months and a maximum duration of 120 months. Among the strengths of Agos loans there is certainly the delivery speed. The requested amount will be disbursed on the bank account in the name of the customer within only 48 hours from the acceptance of the request. So this is the idea solution if you have to deal with an expense with a certain urgency. Also in this case, among the requisite requisites is to have a demonstrable income, however it will be the same guarantor to present the necessary guarantees for you.

Also on the Ultranix website you can find the loan simulator, very useful to know the characteristics of your loan with guarantor before making the request. For the simulation you just need to specify the amount to which you are interested. Consider for example the case of a customer interested in a loan of 10,000 euros. By clicking on ” Calculate the Installment ” we will have the opportunity to compare rates and interest rates related to each of the durations available for our loan with guarantor Ultranix. For example, in this case a refund in 48 installments can be convenient, each amounting to € 234.50. With regard to interest rates, Tan 4.92% and Taeg 6.67% are expected. The installment can also drop to only 118 euros by choosing a duration of 120 months, however in this case it would not be particularly convenient from the interest point of view, with a Tan 6.92% and Taeg 8.10% which should be mentioned are annual rates.

Cleopor Loans with Guarantor: characteristics of the loan

Among the best personal loans that can be obtained through the presentation of a guarantor’s signature are those offered by Cleopor. Let’s analyze the characteristics to see if it can be the ideal solution. First of all, the maximum amount that can be requested is 30,000 euros. To present the request, both the beneficiary of the loan and the guarantor must be aged between 18 and 70 years. As for the disbursement, the requested amount will be credited directly to the current account in the name of the beneficiary of the loan. Reimbursement can be made by direct debit but also by paying bills at PelPay, Lor Poba, FasPay sales points, but also at any post office and all other authorized shops. Also in the case of personal loans Cleopor with guarantor the monthly installments will be fixed and will depend on the duration chosen by the client.

If you are interested in receiving a loan with guarantor, by contacting Cleopor, you will surely find the online simulator available directly on the company’s website. In this case the software is slightly different from what we have seen so far. The data to be entered to carry out the simulation are in fact the amount to which we are interested and the monthly payment we want to fix. On the basis of these two parameters we will know the installment proposed by Cleopor and the applied interest rates. For example, consider the case of a customer interested in a loan of 8,000 euros, with an ideal rate set at 200 euros. The estimate that is offered to us for our amount and our installment is not accurate but depends on the customer’s data. For this reason, the duration ranges from 48 to 51 months, with Tan interest rates from 5.90% to 10.90% and Taeg from 7.31% to 12.73%. Obviously, the guarantees offered by our guarantor will be improved and the conditions of the Cleopor personal loan will also be improved, to which we will have access.

Funding with the Guarantor for the unemployed: can they be requested online?

Requirements Findomestic Loan

A feature that is always sought when choosing a particular form of financing is the delivery speed. One of the features that can reduce delivery times is the possibility of requesting online financing. In the case of loans with guarantors offered by the main banks and financial companies, is it possible to proceed with the online application? Unfortunately in this case we do not have this possibility. This is because the demand for online loans is usually reserved for pre-assessed customers. In the case of loans with guarantors it is obviously necessary that the reliability of the guarantor is assessed. For this reason it is essential that the applicant goes to the branch in the company of the person who guarantees in his place.

In any case, however, there are different ways to minimize the delivery time, always using the online services available on the website of the major banks. The best thing to do is definitely to make an appointment online. This will allow us to start the practice without having to queue, choosing the office closest to our home and the date and time we prefer. To request a personal loan with a guarantor, therefore, it will be enough to go to the branch in the company of our guarantor. The documents that must necessarily have at hand both the customer and the guarantor will be a valid identity document and the health card. The guarantor must then present the paycheck or pension slip and must sign the contract on the basis of which it will undertake to take over any repayment installments not paid by the beneficiary of the loan. In the event that the customer makes the payments always punctually, the guarantor will not have to do anything and will still allow the customer without guarantees to access the desired loan.



Rejected Loan Application – Why? | Payday Loan

Rejected loan application – why?

Each potential borrower who decides to contract a financial liability must comply with the conditions imposed by the financial institution. One of the basic parameters playing a huge role in providing loans is creditworthiness. It is our ability to return the financial liability in accordance with the previously set schedule together with the total cost of loan service. Unfortunately, many clients who do not have sufficiently high debt repayment capacity can not count on loans.

Higher creditworthiness means a better chance of getting the money you need


  • amount and source of obtained income (eg contract of employment, work, own business, pension or pension)
  • currently other financial liabilities are being repaid – the level of customer indebtedness
  • credibility and credit history checked in economic bases
  • fixed monthly expenses (eg housing fees)
  • number of people in a given household (families without children or large families)
  • possession of security from the form of some property

Having negative entries in economic bases, like low income, is often the main reason for refusing a loan or credit application. The current state of our debt is also very important. If the bank decides that we will not be able to pay off another financial liability, it will not offer us a loan.

Creditworthiness is the basic parameter determining the granting of a loan or loan

A correctly completed loan application

A correctly completed loan application

Many institutions from outside the banking sector, such as those available at our company, offer online payday loans. To apply for it you must complete a simple registration form. However, an incorrectly completed loan application is not analyzed and becomes the reason for refusal to grant it. The basic mistakes made by consumers are incorrectly entered personal or contact details that can not be confirmed by a verification transfer or free verification. Recall that the verification of personal data is a necessary step that should come when applying for a break. It is also important that the person completing the form has its own bank account and an active mobile number. In addition, the applicant should be in a certain age range and, what is more, live permanently in the territory of our country.

A consolidation loan for indebted people without capacity? A consolidation loan with bad credit history